Handling Fresh:
  • Buy or eat only clams that are shut or close when tapped slightly.
  • Store the clams in temperatures of 38-45 degrees F.
  •  The ideal storage temperature is 45 degrees.
  • Clams should be kept in the original shipment box until time of use (for retail only).
  • Clams should never be placed directly on ice.
  • Clams should not be immersed in water for storage purposes.
  • Never expose clams to sudden temperature changes.
  • Clams should not be stored in airtight containers - clams need air to survive.

Handling Frozen:

  • Keep frozen until ready to use.
  • Frozen clams have a shelf life of 6 months.


Clams are delicious when steamed, baked, broiled, grilled, or microwaved. Cooking time varies, however when shell opens, clams are ready for consumption.

Rinse fresh and frozen clams under cold running water to remove any foreign particles. This also tempers the frozen shells and keeps them from cracking when going from frozen to high heat, 
Serving Suggestions:


  • Clams Casino
  • Raw on the Half Shell
  • Clams Rockefeller
  • Steamed


  • Chowders
  • Gumbos
  • Bouillabaisse
  • Zuppa d'Clams


  • Steamed
  • Linguini with Clams
  • Clams Marinara
  • Steamed Seafood Combo Platters
  • Stuffed Clams



Place clams in covered steamer 3 to 5  minutes, remove as clams open. Serve with drawn butter.

Half Shelled Raw:

Open fresh clams, remove top shell, roast at 450 degrees for 10-15 minutes until open. Serve with dipping sauce.


Arrange clams on hot grill; clams will open up within minutes depending on the heat level. Brush with garlic butter and serve.

Sauced & Sautéed:

Clams can be used in many types of sauces, with different pasta shapes ........
Use your imagination !!


Available Sizes (approximate count per pound)

Midnecks          10
Littlenecks        13

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