Home of the “Cedar Key Sweets” Littleneck Clam

Finest Quality Cultured Shellfish Grown Only in Certified Clean Florida Waters

Cedar Key Aquaculture Farms, as the largest clam farmer in Florida, is a company that takes pride in growing their distinct 100% farm-raised Cedar Key Sweets Littleneck Clam (M. mercenaria, the Northern Hard Clam). Our company carefully controls the production from hatchery to harvest and beyond. Clam life begins in our own hatchery located in Cedar Key, Florida. Broodstock (the spawning parents) are selected for rapid growth, and unique shell patterns. At 15-20 mm in size, the baby clams are planted on one of our State of Florida permitted aquaculture leases located in Cedar Key and Boca Grande, Florida in water designated for shellfish activity by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Here, the clams are grown to market size and are harvested as needed. Exceeding U.S.F.D.A. guidelines, the shellfish are tumble washed before entering our climate controlled grading facilities. Graded for size and packaged according to customer specifications, the clams are tagged with exact lease sites and sent by air or refrigerated truck in less than 24 hours so our customers can be assured of the freshest cultured shellfish product.

Cedar Key Aquaculture Farms insists on the highest quality standards for their Cedar Key Sweets every step of the way. State of the art farming methods allow for a tender, flavorful product with consistent year round supply. Our clams are high in protein, low in fat and calories and tops in flavor. They are excellent on the half shell, steamed in water or wine, and our  PastaNeck make a welcome addition to many pasta dishes (other sizes available upon request).



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