“Cedar Key Sweets”™
The Perfect Frozen Clam

  • “Cedar Key Sweets”™ exceed U.S.F.D.A. guidelines. The clams are tumble washed and then graded in our climate controlled facilities. They are hand washed, hand weighed, vacuum packed, pasteurized (partially cooked) and quick-frozen to preserve that unique “Cedar Key Sweets”™ taste.

  • All “Cedar Key Sweets”™ can be traced from their freezer lot number to the clams harvest date and to the clams state lease site location in Cedar Key, Florida.

  • Grit Free! Each clam, prior to being processed, is run through our state monitored, land based, wet storage system. This system cleanses the clams inside and out allowing us to ensure that quality taste for you.

  • “Cedar Key Sweets”™ are processed without any additives or preservatives. Our chemical free clams are high in Iron and Vitamin C, which can be beneficial to a healthy diet.

  • “Cedar Key Sweets”™ are available all year round.

"Nothing Sweeter than a Cedar Key Sweet"

Frozen Items Available

Whole Shell  1 to 3 lb. packs
Half Shell 1 to 3 lb. packs

All of our frozen items are available in all sizes and a variety of packs.  Call us today to set up your frozen clam program.



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